Welcome To Josybek Nigeria Enterprises

Welcome to Josybek Nigeria Enterprises. JNE was established in 2007 to supports young and old farmers. JNE is the trusted, farmer-led organization for African's farming community. We use our grassroots voice to advocate for a sustainable farming and food sector on issues that impact more than 60,000 farm members, our industry and our rural communities. We are looking forward to improves farming in Africa.

Josybek Nig. Enterprises (JNE) is committed to the development of agriculture in Nigeria. We are organisation that is helping to develop a stable, profitable agricultural environment nationwide.

Our key priorities focus on:
• The international competitiveness of all members.
• Use its influence to promote an enabling environment for all our members.
• Be a watchdog for the sector – keep farms in production: be the custodian of primary agriculture and the required resources.
• Custodian of all farmers regardless of race, creed or gender.
• Continuously adapt to an ever-changing environment.
• Contribute to sustainable agriculture by focusing on people, planet and profit.