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Welcome to Josybek Nigeria Enterprises. JNE was established in 2007 to supports young and old farmers.

Risk Management Desk

The Innovative Agri Risk Management Desk, which will initially run for a period of two years under the auspices of JNE, will conduct research and serve as a platform to identify and address the entire risk profile of agriculture in Nigeria. The project will entail dedicated, in-depth, relevant and immediately applicable research that will lead to tangible assistance in ensuring that risk can be identified and measures can be taken well in advance of any risk alert. Research emanating from this project will therefore aim to:

• Ensure permanent protection or reduction of the intensity of any risk events;

• Minimize the severity of consequences of risks;

• Prepare the agricultural community, government and other stakeholders and role-players to react appropriately during and after a risk event; and alleviate hardship and meet basic needs.

The project will also assist in informing any strategies that may be required to assist the agricultural community, government and other stakeholders and role-players following a risk event to fully restore to pre-risk event level of functioning. To this end, the project will entail a holistic approach with collaboration between the agricultural community, government and other stakeholders and roleplayers.

Transformation Hub

Transformation within the nation's economy and agriculture specifically, is a national imperative. JNE is therefore actively involved in transforming the agricultural sector through its Transformation Hub. The Hub serves as a platform for various company's affiliates to showcase, promote and seek further support for a range of transformation initiatives including training courses, financial assistance, training and skills development, mentorship programmes, information sharing, recapitalisation and facilitation of market access. The staff responsible for managing the Transformation Hub is also responsible for researching the financial contributions and impact of the various transformation initiatives implemented by JNE’s affiliates and the compilation of a Transformation Report. Assistance is also provided to affiliates that are developing their own transformation strategies, and best practices are identified and promoted.